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This site is dedicated in memory of my Mother and Grandmother
who raised me in a God loving home. 
Where we relied on God to meet our needs and learned how to
forgive one another for our faults.
By Joretta Nelson
Betty Jean Mayo Rock
1930 - 2007
Vivian Inez Ellis Mayo
1910 - 1978
Goodbye to My Mama (Goodbye to My Uncles) lyrics
From Prairie Home Companion
Saturday, June 3, 2006

Goodbye to my Mama, my uncles and aunts,
One after another they went to lie down.
In the green pastures beside the still waters
And make no sound.
Their arms that held me for so many years,
Their beautiful voices no longer I'll hear,
They're in Jesus' arms and He's talking to them
In the rapturous new Jerusalem.
And I know they're at peace in a land of delight,
But I miss my Mama tonight.

Goodbye Uncle Fred, Bud and Aunt Jane,
Goodbye Uncle Leonard and Aunt Irene,
Goodbye Uncle Walter and Aunt Anna Mae,
Goodbye Uncle Joe and Aunt Myna,
Goodbye Uncle Smead, Floyd and Aunt Inez,
Goodbye Uncle Ran and Aunt Edna,
Goodbye Uncle Joy and Aunt Marie,
Good bye to my good friends Doris, Emil and Mrytle,
Goodbye to my Grandparents, Mama and Dad who went to lie down,
And now are gone.

Whose hands are these so rough and hard,
Nails all torn from toil and care?
Who cleaned the house and kept the yard?
Touched my cheek and stroked my hair?
Thank you Mama the lord give you peace.
Bless your voice and the songs you've sung.
Blessed your arms and your hands and your knees.
How you loved us when we were young.
The lord's my shepherd I'll not want.
I have my Mama, my uncles and aunts.
Waters so still and pastures so green.
Goodness and mercy following me.
Goodness and mercy following me.