Marvin Frederick Rock
Born: July 28, 1919 in Spalding, Nebraska
Died: June 23, 1962 in Fortuna, California
Buried: Ocean View Cemetery, Eureka, California

Parents: Fred Rock and Myrtle Hinkle
Grandparents:  Henry Rock and Mary Sophia Peterson
GGrandparents:  David Rock and Louisa Rock
GGGrandparents:  John Rock and Susannah Wertz

Married: July 06, 1951 - Eureka, Humboldt County, California
Betty Jean Mayo
Born:  November 10, 1930 in Hope, Arkansas
Died:  June 15, 2007 in Fortuna, California
Buried: Ocean View Cemetery (with Dad) Eureka, California

Parents: Joseph Manuel Mayo and Vivian Inez Ellis
Grandparents:  James Samuel Mayo and MaryJosephine Mullins
GGrandparents:  John Joseph H. Mayo and Nancy Jane Gardner

Joretta C. Rock
Marva J. Rock
Gaylon M. Rock

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